About Honington Foxes Football Club

The club was named after the local pub, the Fox Inn, where club committee meetings were originally held. 

Unlike many teams in the area, Honington Foxes operates a very open policy to new players. A decision was made right from the club’s inception that there was a need for a club in the area and so it shouldn’t put up barriers for anyone interested in playing. 

At Honington Foxes we invite kids of all abilities to come and have a go. We run open training sessions, rather than ‘trials’ like there are at many clubs. Some kids may not be ready for competitive football and choose, or are sometimes advised, to restrict their football to training and friendly matches but most are encouraged to play competitively in league and cup games.

While it’s true to say Honington Foxes welcomes all-comers, it still has excellence at its core. It’s an FA Charter Standard Club, meaning it conforms to FA rules for youth football clubs. Coaches are all qualified from Level 1 to 2 FA standards.

Good coaching is the key to the club and shaping young players to improve their game whilst having fun is what the club is all about. Young players will learn crucial skills and techniques such as passing, control and body shape during weekly training sessions through FA recognised development strategies designed to improve both individual and team abilities.